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On Mon, 10 May 2010, Kyle Shannon wrote:

Hello all,
I am downloading gfs data from the motherlode at ucar and I noticed that the
files are coming in CF-1.0.  On of the grid_mapping parameters is
earth_radius, but the units are in kilometers.  There is no tag specifying
these units.  Is there a chance that those data will be updated to CF-1.4
and the earth_radius tag will have the radius in meters?  It is difficult to
handle this programmatically without knowing the units.

Hi Kyle,

motherlode 8080 is running TDS 4.1 which is still CF-1.0. motherlode 9080 which is beta mode TDS 4.2 is CF-1.4 and has the earth_radius in meters. You are welcome to use 9080 but it is our development machine and it might not be available all the time. Of course TDS 4.2 will eventually be installed on motherlode 8080, I don't have a time frame currently.



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