Re: [thredds] WMS service not supported?

Hi Kevin,

Log files all look good to me as well.

In your browser, what is the full text of the "forbidden" message?

The default threddsConfig.xml file has the WMS section commented out.
So, make sure the WMS element is not commented out.

What versions are you running: Java, Tomcat, TDS? Could you send your
full threddsConfig.xml file.


On 3/12/2010 12:52 PM, Kevin L. Manross wrote:
> To answer both you and Roy, Ethan:
> I've been watching those various logs.  I definitely see the "403"
> response (forbidden) in the threddsServlet.log, but I don't see any
> other clue as to why that is.
> The log output follows.  Thanks!
> -kevin.

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