[thredds] WMS service not supported?

Hi All,

I've been going through the TDS tutorial (which is quite helpful, by the way) and have been able to serve my data (testing on my workstation). I've been trying to set up the WMS capability, but seem to have run into a wall.
My catalog.xml looks like:

<service name="all" base="" serviceType="compound">
   <service name="odap" serviceType="OpenDAP" base="/thredds/dodsC/" />
<service name="http" serviceType="HTTPServer" base="/thredds/fileServer/" />
   <!--service name="wcs" serviceType="WCS" base="/thredds/wcs/" /-->
   <service name="wms" serviceType="WMS" base="/thredds/wms/" />
<!--service name="ncss" serviceType="NetcdfSubset" base="/thredds/ncss/" /-->

 <datasetRoot path="test" location="content/testdata/" />

<datasetScan name="Test WDSSII Data" ID="testWDSSIIData" path="TestAllWDSSII" location="/mnt/home/manross/Projects/WDSSII_NetCDF/THREDDS_Install/Data">
    <metadata inherited="true">


and my threddsConfig.xml looks like:

   <scour>15 min</scour>
   <maxAge>30 min</maxAge>

I've moved the pallettes directory and the OGCMeta.xml to tomcat6/content/thredds and restarted the tomcat server, but whenever I try to connect via my web browser, or the toolsUI FeatureType/WMS capability, I get a "forbidden" response.

Can someone shed a little light on to what I'm missing?

Many thanks!


Kevin L. Manross           |  ** New Address **
CIMMS Research Associate   |     120 David L. Boren Bvd
NSSL : WRDD : SWAT         |     Rm 3923
<kevin.manross@xxxxxxxx>   |     405.325.6385
www.cimms.ou.edu/~kmanross |
"My opinions are my own and not representative of
CIMMS, NSSL, NOAA or any affiliates"

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