Re: [thredds] TDS, aggregations and catalog.xml question...

Hi Nathan,

Nathan Potter wrote:
>> - There are no thredds:datasetScan elements, I take it that they get
>> replaced with thredds:dataset elements that contain an NcML
>> aggregation. Is that true?

That is right. A datasetScan element is used if you want to serve all
the files under a directory individually. A dataset/netcdf/aggregation
set of elements are used to aggregate a collection of datasets into a
single served dataset.

>> - I see thredds:dataset elements that contain what looks like a NcML:
>>      <netcdf
>> xmlns="";>
>>        <aggregation dimName="time" type="joinExisting"
>> recheckEvery="720 min">
>>          <variableAgg name="PHssta" />
>>          <scan location="/u00/satellite/PH/ssta/1day/" suffix=".nc" />
>>        </aggregation>
>>      </netcdf>
>> However the NcML fragment is not in the NcML namespace
>> ( but in the
>> THREDDS namespace
>> ( Is
>> that really correct? The <netcdf> element and <aggregation> elements
>> do not appear in the THREDDS specification
>> (
>>  )

>From looking at the snippet above, it looks like they are all in the
NcML namespace. The xmlns attribute in the netcdf element sets the
default namespace for the scope of the netcdf element to the NcML
namespace. So all the un-prefixed elements within and including the
netcdf element are in the NcML namespace.

Are you seeing them in some XML parser as not being in the NcML namespace?

>> I assume that means that the TDS swallows this just fine. Does it
>> swallow it if the Ncml sections are put into the NcML namespace?

It will only handle them if they ARE in the NcML namespace. It won't
choke on them if they aren't in the NcML namespace but it would ignore them.


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