Re: [thredds] Projection issues

As a follow up, the subset service was use to extract dew point temperature and the returned netcdf file had the following coordinates with standard_parallel = 25.0


Coordinate System = time1 y x
  Time    double time1(time1=196);
     :units = "hours since 2009-11-21T12:00:00Z";
     :long_name = "forecast time coordinate";
     :standard_name = "time";
     :_CoordinateAxisType = "Time";

  GeoY    double y(y=689);
     :units = "km";
     :long_name = "y coordinate of projection";
     :standard_name = "projection_y_coordinate";
     :grid_spacing = "5.07947216796875 km";
     :_CoordinateAxisType = "GeoY";

  GeoX    double x(x=1073);
     :units = "km";
     :long_name = "x coordinate of projection";
     :standard_name = "projection_x_coordinate";
     :grid_spacing = "5.079361328125 km";
     :_CoordinateAxisType = "GeoX";

 Coordinate Transforms
  Lambert_Conformal type=Projection
    grid_mapping_name = lambert_conformal_conic
    latitude_of_projection_origin = 25.0
    longitude_of_central_meridian = 265.0
    standard_parallel = 25.0
    impl.class= ucar.unidata.geoloc.projection.LambertConformal

On Tue, 5 Jan 2010, Kyle Shannon wrote:

Hello all,
I am using the unidata thredds server to download some NDFD data.  I noticed 
the projection specified is a Lambert_Conformal_Conic_2SP and both standard
parallels are specified as 0.   In the metadata, if I am reading it correctly, 
projection is actually a Lambert_Conformal_Conic_1SP with a standard parallel of
25.  I am using GDAL to hangle the files and proj4 has trouble with the 1st
scenario, but not the second.  Is the projection set at the source (NOAA NDFD) 
by the NetCDF subsetting service?  Who can I contact to deal with this issue? 


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