Re: [thredds] What is the latest release of THREDDS

Roy Mendelssohn wrote:

I notice that on Motherlode, specifically at the version is listed as:

THREDDS Data Server Version 3.16.19 Build Date = 2007-09-29 18:36:27

but when I go to the THREDDS download site ( the date of the .war file is 9-23 and I am pretty certain that this is 3.16.17. Is 3.16.19 an official release?

we often run a new version on motherlode for a bit, to see if any problems 
arise before releasing it. I will put 3.16.19 out asap.

Also, as long as I am bending an ear, we have a 3.14.06 TDS running. The config file does not have all the elements listed at

If we were to add them would it 1) do what it is suppose to 2) do nothing because it is too early a version or 3) crash the TDS because it is too early a version

Generally unknown elements in the config file are ignored.

PS I still have on my list to test the slowdown in joinNew aggregation, sorry 
its taking so long.

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