Re: [thredds] Metadata generation in TDS

Hi Jerry,

The TDS does not currently have a metadata extraction capability built in. However, the code that does the scanning and catalog generation does have some hooks for extensibility built in. It is not particularly well documented or tested but if you (or anyone else out there) are interested in writing code (Java) for this kind of functionality, I would be happy to point you to the existing documentation and work with you to get things rolling.

Also, we do have a GUI tool (alpha level code) that allows the user to browse a tree of catalogs and enhance the catalogs in a variety of ways including a few kinds of metadata extraction. We don't have the resources to work on this tool at present. But the code for the metadata extraction should be useful in any effort to extend the TDS scanning capabilities.

Let me know if you are interested in the options I've mentioned.


Pan, Jerry Yun wrote:
Is it possible to configures TDS to extract the embedded metadata from a data collection (like global attributes, var list), to display on a catalog page? I know one can have add more by hand via enhanced catalog, but it would be nice if it can scan the data itself... Thanks -Jerry

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