Hi Pauline,

Do you have any OutOfMemoryException messages in catalina.out or threddsServlet.log that are related to the generation of this catalog. I haven't seen this problem but we tend to try keeping our directory content down in the 100s of files rather than 1000s. I'll write some tests and see what I can find out.

What version of the TDS are you running? Our current stable version is 3.14.06. While we're at it what verison of the JVM and Tomcat are you running and what command-line options do you use to start Tomcat?

If you have the remote management setup, try setting the debug levels. From the debug page (http://server:port/thredds/debug, without a trailing slash), follow the "Show Log4J info" link. On that page, find the line that starts "logger = thredds level= " and select "ALL". Then try the request again and see what messages you get in the threddsServlet.log file.


Pauline Mak wrote:
Hi James and Roy,
Thanks for the information about the server.  I'll definitely post if I
find anything interesting with the tests :)

I do have one more question (although, I won't promise this will be my
last!)  I'm configuring the TDS to point to a directory for list all
*.nc files.  It works really well for most directories, but some just
fails with an "internal server error".   Could it be because those
directories have too many files? I'm currently using the datascan
element in catalog.xml to include .nc files.  It worked fine for a
directory containing 1500~ files, but failed for directories with over
3500 files.  Has anyone else ran into this problem?

When I try to load the directory, I get the following error:

has fatal errors:
----Catalog Validation version 1.0.01

**Fatal: InvCatalogFactory.readXML failed

Exception= Server returned HTTP response code: 500
for URL:

fatalMessages= errMessages= warnMessages=
** Cant open URL

 Response code = 500

Internal Server Error


I looked in catalina.out but no error messages were shown, and when I
look at threddsServlet.log, the following messages were printed out:

2007-05-03T14:53:18.399 +1000 [ 266867867][    4721] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Remote host: - Request:
2007-05-03T14:53:18.471 +1000 [ 266867939][    4721] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Request Completed - 404 - 1356 - 72
2007-05-03T14:53:18.653 +1000 [ 266868121][    4722] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Remote host: - Request:
"GET /thredds/upc.css HTTP/1.0"
2007-05-03T14:53:18.654 +1000 [ 266868122][    4722] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Request Completed - 200 - 3418 - 1
2007-05-03T14:53:18.826 +1000 [ 266868294][    4723] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Remote host: - Request:
"GET /thredds/unidataLogo.gif HTTP/1.0"
2007-05-03T14:53:18.826 +1000 [ 266868294][    4723] INFO  -
thredds.servlet.ServletUtil - Request Completed - 200 - 5294 - 0


Finally, my catalog.xml file

<datasetScan name="argo_csiro" ID="argo_csiro" path="argo_csiro"
    <metadata inherited="true">
        <authority>something something</authority>
      <include wildcard="*.nc"/>

Let me know if you need anything else to help with diagnosing the



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