Re: Unable to name "middle-level" dataset elements

Hi Mark,

OK. I got something that should work for you. Grab this jar file

and try it with the "dir namer" after the "netCDF namer", both inside the
datasetSource element. The order matters because the "dir namer" pattern will
match all the datasets and "directory" datasets but the code goes through them
in order and doesn't rename already named datasets.

This is a bit of a hack. I really need to rethink how all of this is working but
that's not going to happen yet.

Let me know how that goes.


Mark A Ohrenschall wrote:
> Hi Ethan,
> When I do that (and the "dir namer" datasetNamer is at the same level as the 
> "netCDF namer" datasetNamer) then the bottom-level dataset elements 
> (corresponding to the data files, i.e., the netCDF files) either get
> named using the "dir namer" datasetNamer (if it comes before the "netCDF 
> namer") or they get named after the "netCDF namer" and the "dir namer" is 
> ignored (if it comes after the "netCDF namer"). Either way, the
> middle-level dataset elements (corresponding to the directories) retain their 
> directory names.
> Thanks,
> Mark
> Ethan Davis wrote:
> > Try moving the "dir namer" datasetNamer element inside the datasetSource
> > element. I think that will work. Let me know. If not, I have a few other 
> > ideas
> > that I'm hoping aren't the case.

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