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> You are quite right:  going to the extreme of one dataset per xml document
> not very efficient.   Having the ability to make a thredds catalog that
> a single URL does not mean that I am going to use it for all datasets:
that is
> not my plan.   I just want the ability to do it should it seem
> Given that one server's collection is another server's dataset, you really
> to allow it.
> I think I can paraphrase your point about dataset aliases in that, since
one can
> create an alias for a dataset, it does not matter that whatever document
it is
> contained in may or may not contain a useless collection.  True in a
> sense, I suppose, but rather ugly code that forces one to put in a
> even when it has no meaning in the sense of being a desired nesting.
> At the moment, I am requesting two small changes: let a catalog contain a
> collection or a dataset, and let suffix be a property of a service.   The
> one may not be particularly useful, but it is quite minor.   The second
one is
> extremely useful to me:  I cannot make use of compound services without
> Please Please Please
> Benno

I am willing to add optional suffix attribute to service element. I would
like to leave the collection element in, even when not needed (so not allow
dataset as direct descendent of catalog). I'd like to see how that plays out
in this version, we can reconsider for next time if needed.

Can everyone live with that?

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