RE: 20020531: Data Access - Bridge Collapse Investigation


Thanks for the info.  We will take a look at your new composites.

Also, very much appreciate you letting us access this service.  It is a very
important bridge for us between the limited McIDAS archive and the NCDC
level II archive that usually takes months to get.

Regards, jim

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>From: Skeen Jim <SkeenJ@xxxxxxxx>
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>I will be copying Base Reflectivity products from SRX and INX in support of
>the I-40 bridge collapse over the Arkansas River on May 26.

In case you weren't on the announcement that was sent to sever of
the email lists that we maintain, I offer the following:

We are creating composites of the NEXRAD Level III Base Reflectivity
(N0R) products about every 6 minutes.  These 1 km and other
composites are available in the ADDE dataset NEXRCOMP from the same
machine you are currently accessing the N0R products.  The set of
composites is not as long as the NEXRALL set ones, but it
it may be useful for spotting events whose scale is greater than the
coverage of an individual radar.

Since the composites are to be considered experimental, they should not
be used for operational or forensic purposes.  They are, however,
useful for identifying regions of activity, and determining which
individual NEXRADs to look at.

For best viewing in McIDAS, you should download the new and reworked
enhancements for the composites.  These can be found in the pub/mcidas/data
directory of anonymous FTP on our FTP server,

I just thought that you might like to take a look...

>Thanks for the support.

Please let us know what you think of the NEXRCOMP imagery.

>Regards, JIm
>James Skeen
>Senior Meteorologist
>National Transportation Safety Board
>490 L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, DC 20594
>Ph. 202.314.6356 Fax 202.314.6339
>E-mail skeenj@xxxxxxxx

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