Re: NSDL Metadata for THREDDS dataset

Stefano Nativi writes:
#    From my point of view, a metadata standard like Dublin Core can be used
# for describing the first Spatial Dataset facet, while a specific
# Geo-information metadata standard (i.e. ISO 19915, GDC CSDGM profiles,
# etc.) should be used for describing the other facet.

I think this type of approach can work if you build in a well-defined
link from one to the other: the DC metadata references detailed FGDC
CSDGM or ISO 19115 metadata at a separate URL, which in turn indicates
that this data is part of a THREDDS data collection with DC metadata
somewhere else.

The OGC Web Map Service takes a similar approach: the mapping service
and its data content are described by enough metadata to describe what
maps are available, and pointers to FGDC dataset descriptions can be
embedded.  The latest FGDC CAP grants exercised this linkage

-Jeff DLB

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