NSDL Metadata for THREDDS dataset

In my opinion, in the THREDDS-DLESE framework a major task is to bring
together  two different Information Communities: the Digital Library
community and the geospatial Information Community; therefore, we should
consider that "objects" like datasets and catalogues (and so on). are
often seen from different perspectives.

For instance, a Spatial Dataset (or an aggregation of them -according to
the granularity level that DLESE prefers ) may be seen according to 2
different points of view:

1) as a digital library resource: at a very high level of abstraction
and with no many detail on its content (i.e. high level description and
useful keywords); in this context the dataset is a "digital document"
(with certain qualifications).
2) as a piece of geo-information: a complex and structured piece of
information in a N-dimension reference system.

  From my point of view, a metadata standard like Dublin Core can be used
for describing the first Spatial Dataset facet, while a specific
Geo-information metadata standard (i.e. ISO 19915, GDC CSDGM profiles,
etc.) should be used for describing the other facet.

I don't know how much such solution could be fruitful, but it is an
example of  an approach for "sharing" information-constucts among the
two different Communities.


Stefano Nativi

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