Another late question

Hi Ted:

We've been keeping on eye on these developments, but our efforts arent
mature enough to understand exactly how we will fit in. The Open GIS Catalog
Services will likely be closer in scope to the larger NSDL efforts. Our part
in that will be to provide "real data" access vs "educational materials". We
expect to bridge syntactic differences by translating our data into whatever
standards emerge. The semantic differences will be the interesting ones, and
will point out where and how our purposes differ.

Any thoughts you have on this? I have only seen the "Topic 13 Catalog
Services (version 4)" docs, so if there is anything else please let me know.

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> John,
> I was just at the Open GIS Consortium Technical Committee meeting. There
is a substantial
> catalog initiative going on in the OGC. I'm wondering if there is any
> between this and that?
> Ted Habermann

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