Re: new version of inventory catalog XML

Ethan and John,

I am sorry to be so late for sending my comments. The XML
stuff for inventory catalog looks very nice to me. I just raise
two questions for you to consider.

1) Datasets may appear in multiple collections. It may cause
     information repetition (datasets). Have you considered using
    links to eleminate the repetition as we did in DIMES.
2) I am thinking about multiple data delivery mechanism for
    one dataset (or data collection in your case). For example,
    a dataset can be accessed through DODS and is also available
    for ftp. Do you think we should use multiple values for serverID
    attributes? It is always possible that a user find a interesting data
    set through DODS protocol, and want to download the dataset
    to his/her desktop for intensive analysis.


John Caron wrote:

> A new version of the inventory catalog XML document is available for your 
> comments:
> This version adds XML namespaces, renames some elements for clarity, and 
> expands
> the documentation element.

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