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  • Date: Sat, 8 Oct 2016 14:52:37 +0530
Also since many of us maybe downloading many sets of variables over many
levels and times perhaps a couple of examples can focus on whether it would
be worthwhile to send these OPeNDAP requests using multi threaded python.
The script can check to see if there are multiple processors and then
retrieve data using different threads.

As an example I download from NCEP reanalysis 2 data six variables every
day - specific humidity, temperature, u,v velocities,geopotential height
surface pressure. That is 86 calls (17 levels * 5 variables) . So if I have
more than one processor I can send them off as batches to different

Just a suggestion  :-)


On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 9:59 AM, ashwinD12 . <winash12@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Ryan,
>            These Python cookbooks are great. I learned a lot from them and
> incorporating them in my applications. Few question for you
> 1) How do you go about handling polling with OPeNDAP and Python ?
> 2) What I usually do is open a urllib2 connection and sleep on a thread
> till a GFS GRIB file is available and then grab it when it does become
> available
> 3) I presume one can do a metadata OPeNDAP call and obtain the last value
> of the "time" variable and wait till it is lesser than the current time ?
> Comments appreciated,
> Ashwin.
> On Sat, Oct 8, 2016 at 2:13 AM, Ryan May <rmay@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Here's your summary of what's going on in the world of Python at Unidata:
>> ---Annual Training Workshop---
>> Preparation for our annual workshop is a major focus right now, as the
>> 17-19 October dates are approaching (entirely too) rapidly. For those
>> interested but unable to attend, the materials are available online and
>> will be undergoing some small updates as we get to showtime:
>> ---Notebook Gallery---
>> We now have a gallery of Jupyter notebooks showing off how do do things
>> in Python, and are soliciting community contributions. The gallery is here:
>> For more information, see this post:
>> er-notebook-gallery
>> One of the cool pieces of this repository is that all of the notebooks
>> are automatically run and validated to run successfully, both on a regular
>> basis and for every pull request. This should help keep the examples from
>> bit-rotting.
>> That's all for now. As always, we welcome your questions and feedback.
>> Ryan
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