960920: NWS_CHAN file

>From: Thomas Abell <72632.62@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>Organization: .
>Keywords: 199609251551.AA14498

>>>I am having problems viewing the NWS_CHAN file.  I have downloaded it >>from
>your server and have tried to view it with several editing >>programs and alwa
> ys
>end up with the same result.
>>>Only the first 500+ KB are displayed.  At that point nothing else >>appears.
>Its as if I have reached the end of the file, but I know that >>is not the cas
> e.
>>Sounds like a likely size limitation of your software.
>>Editors are not very good for viewing large files since
>>many try to load the entire file, and/or create a temporary
>>backup version for changes.
>I have solved the problem with the file and as it turns out, it has to do with
>  a
>character that appears many times in the file for unknowen reasons.
>Every time my word processor sees a ASCII character number 26 it assumes the e
> nd
>of the file.  Can you check as to the reason this character was placed in the
>file in the first place?  If necessary, I can advise exactly where they appear
>if that will help. 
>Thanks for your help!

The nws-changes file contains messages generated by the NWS which
we archive, as well as send out to our sites. We do not alter
the messages, so when the NWS places a Ctrl-Z in their dissemination
it goes in to the archive. This is not a problem in general
end of file. You can filter out the control characters as needed on your
end- however to aleviate this problem I have done so to the file
that is posted here.

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