[netcdfgroup] Compiling netcdf-fortran with Auto Builders (eg Spack)


We've had a lively discussion over at Spack on how best to build
netcdf-fortran with an auto-builder such as Spack (which are the future; I
noticed that building just NetCDF now involves 7 dependencies).


The two points of view are:

 a) Use ./configure --enable-remote-fortran-bootstrap to build the C and
Fortran libraries from the plain netcdf Spack package.

 b) Build one Spack package for netcdf, and another for netcdf-fortran.


*) Would anyone here care to comment on that issue?
*) I noticed that NetCDF has adopted CMake.  Is there a sense of migration
away from Autotools?
*) If so, are there plans to support --enable-remote-fortran-bootstrap in
*) Why is --enable-remote-fortran-bootstrap provided for Fortran, but not

Thank you,
-- Elizabeth