Re: [netcdfgroup] mfhdf.h not found even though it's present

Thanks for your comment!

> The option --enable-hdf4  only tells it to compile to use hdf4, it does not 
> tell it where that resides, and /usr/include/hdf must not be in your search 
> paths. I forget the exact form of the option that tells it that but it is 
> something like:
> --with-hdf4=

Yes, I know about that. And I didn't try using it because ``./configure
--help`` says:

  --with-hdf4=<directory> Specify location of HDF4 library. Configure
    will expect to find subdirs include and lib.

And as I wrote, the libs are in /usr/lib, the headers in /usr/include/hdf.

So I tried anyways configuring using

--enable-netcdf4 --enable-hdf4 --enable-cxx-4 --enable-shared
--with-hdf4=/usr/include/hdf FC=gfortran

And, alas, the compilation seems to work :) However, when I then run
``make && make -j1 test``, I get the following error:

   *** Testing HDF4/NetCDF-4 interoperability...
   *** Creating a HDF4 file...Sorry! Unexpected result,
   tst_interops2.c, line: 43
   Sorry! [...]
   18 failures
   *** testing with a more complex HDF4 file...Sorry! Unexpected
   result, tst_interops2.c, line: 97
   Sorry! [...]
   91 failures
   109 errors detected! Sorry!
   FAIL: tst_interops2
   1 of 60 tests failed
   Please report to support-netcdf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
   make[3]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1

What can I do about this?

Thanks for your insight,