Re: [netcdfgroup] netcdf-4.1 released

Hi Ed:

I'm failing on OS 10.6, I build okay on make, but fail make check with:

Warning! The HDF5 header files included by this application do not match the
version used by the HDF5 library to which this application is linked. Data
corruption or segmentation faults may occur if the application is
allowed to continue.  You can, at your own risk, disable this check by setting
the environment variable 'HDF5_DISABLE_VERSION_CHECK' to a value of '1'.
Setting it to 2 will suppress the warning totally.
Headers are 1.8.4, library is 1.6.8

The hdf library used was downloaded from your site today, and built, it clearly 
says hdf1.8.4..

I built th HDF with:

./configure --prefix=/netcdf4Static/local --with-zlib=/netcdf4Static/local 
--with-szlib=/netcdf4Static/local --enable-hl --enable-fortran --enable-shared

and the netcdf with

./configure --prefix=/netcdf4Static/local --with-szlib=/netcdf4Static/local 
--with-zlib=/netcdf4Static/local --with-hdf5=/netcdf4Static/local    
--enable-dap  --enable-dap-remote-tests --enable-netcdf-4  --enable-ncgen4 
--with-libcf  --enable-udunits

It is almost as if you are finding the hdf library from fink even though I give 
the path and it set correctly.


On Feb 5, 2010, at 2:55 PM, Ed Hartnett wrote:

> Howdy all!
> The Unidata NetCDF group is pleased to announce the new 4.1 release of
> the netCDF C/Fortran libraries. There are many exciting new features in
> this release, including the following.
>    * Support for remote data access with the new built-in OPeNDAP
>      client. This client supports access to OPeNDAP data using the
>      netCDF C/Fortran APIs: either the netcdf-3 API (the default) or
>      the netcdf-4 API. The netcdf-3 interface access closely mimics the
>      older, C++ based libnc-dap. The new client is written completely
>      in C and uses our new client library, called oc, which has also
>      been contributed to, as a replacement for the previous
>      Ocapi library.
>    * A completely rewritten ncgen, which now fully supports netCDF-4.
>    * A new nccopy utility for converting among netCDF format variants
>      or to copy data from a DAP servers to a local variants or to copy
>      data from a DAP server to a local netCDF file.
>    * Support for reading some existing HDF4/HDF5 data archives using
>      the netCDF C/Fortran APIs.
>    * Support for parallel I/O on netCDF classic and 64-bit offset files
>      using the parallel-netcdf (formerly pnetcdf) library from Argonne
>      National Lab/Northwestern U.
>    * A new nc-config script to help users build netCDF programs without
>      having to deduce all the needed compiler options.
>    * Inclusion of the UDUNITS package for handling "units" attributes.
>    * Inclusion of the libcf library to assist in creating CF-compliant
>      netCDF data.
>    * Support for true file synchronization (i.e. flushing data to disk)
>      when using the netCDF nc_sync() API procedure to improve the
>      timeliness of writes for other reading processes. 
> The 4.1 release source code is available from the following
> URL. or
> Build it according to these instructions:
> Report problems to the support email address:
> support-netcdf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
> Thanks!
> Ed
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