[netcdfgroup] netcdf-4.1 released

Howdy all!

The Unidata NetCDF group is pleased to announce the new 4.1 release of
the netCDF C/Fortran libraries. There are many exciting new features in
this release, including the following.

    * Support for remote data access with the new built-in OPeNDAP
      client. This client supports access to OPeNDAP data using the
      netCDF C/Fortran APIs: either the netcdf-3 API (the default) or
      the netcdf-4 API. The netcdf-3 interface access closely mimics the
      older, C++ based libnc-dap. The new client is written completely
      in C and uses our new client library, called oc, which has also
      been contributed to opendap.org, as a replacement for the previous
      Ocapi library.

    * A completely rewritten ncgen, which now fully supports netCDF-4.

    * A new nccopy utility for converting among netCDF format variants
      or to copy data from a DAP servers to a local variants or to copy
      data from a DAP server to a local netCDF file.

    * Support for reading some existing HDF4/HDF5 data archives using
      the netCDF C/Fortran APIs.

    * Support for parallel I/O on netCDF classic and 64-bit offset files
      using the parallel-netcdf (formerly pnetcdf) library from Argonne
      National Lab/Northwestern U.

    * A new nc-config script to help users build netCDF programs without
      having to deduce all the needed compiler options.

    * Inclusion of the UDUNITS package for handling "units" attributes.

    * Inclusion of the libcf library to assist in creating CF-compliant
      netCDF data.

    * Support for true file synchronization (i.e. flushing data to disk)
      when using the netCDF nc_sync() API procedure to improve the
      timeliness of writes for other reading processes. 

The 4.1 release source code is available from the following
URL. ftp://ftp.unidata.ucar.edu/pub/netcdf/netcdf-4.1.tar.gz or

Build it according to these instructions:

Report problems to the support email address:



Ed Hartnett  -- ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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