Re: compiling netcdf

On Thursday 05 April 2007 15:36, Ed Hartnett wrote:
> Nope. Is there some reason that it should?

Well, I don't know if it should be default, but it enables to a different 
memory model that may be useful for large datasets. I am not familiar enough 
with how NetCDF works to make a really educated assessment. I have a user 
that is having a hard time stuffing a very large dataset into NetCDF, and I 
think it may have something to do with this limitation. I may be way off base 

> The general idea is that if there are any flags that need to be set
> for your compiler, you must set them.

This seems reasonable.

> The exception is that the netCDF configure does set the correct flag
> to allow the fortran wrapper functions to work (if it can figure that
> out from the name of your fortran compiler).

Again, reasonable.

Warren Turkal

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