Re: netcdf-4 alpha 14 and hdf5 1.8.0 alpha3

Ed Hartnett wrote:
Ilmar Wilbers <ilmar@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:


I'm having the exact same problem. It seems to me that the file to be
included (H5DS.h) simply isn't part of hdf5-1.8.0-alpha3 as it should
be. It is nowhere to be found. On the website of the HDF5 group it is
announced to be a part of the official 1.8 release:
I can't seem to find it in any earlier alpha versions, either. Anyone
had success building netcdf4 who can tell whether the file H5DS.h exists
on their system?

Sincerly, Ilmar Wilbers

Howdy all!

Apparently something about this has changed in HDF5 and I have not yet
had time to address it, being taken up at the moment with the release
of 3.6.2, which includes many features preparing the way for the even
more dramatic features in netCDF-4.0.

As I am about to leave for a week's camping in Yellowstone, I'll have
to ask you to be patient. NetCDF-4.0 will be adjusted to deal with the
changes in HDF5.


Ed: May I suggest that as a short-term workaround you put the hdf5-1.7.52 tarball (the last one that works with netcdf-4.0) on the unidata ftp site? It's no longer available from NCSA.


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