Re: ncview software


This is a standard X windows issue.  Unfortunately, standard X windows is
not completely straightforward. It's easier installing as root because
then there is (supposedly) one standard place for these files, but that's
not true for the individual users.  Many individual users have no place
for these files.

If you are not superuser, you need to do the following:

1) Make a directory you will use to hold your personal X application
resources.  For example, you might use "/home/pyle/.app-defaults":

mkdir /home/pyle/.app-defaults

2) add environmental variable XAPPLRESDIR to your environment that tells
where to find this new directory.  This is a standard X windows
environmental variable, and stands for "X applications resources
directory". For example, if you are using cshrc, add the following to your
.cshrc file:

setenv XAPPLRESDIR /home/pyle/.app-defaults

3) Copy the Ncview app defaults file to this new directory:

cp Ncview-appdefaults /home/pyle/.app-defaults/Ncview

4) Log out, and log back in (so the .cshrc file is reread).



Patrick C. Pyle wrote:
> Support,
> I am installing ncview v1.92e on a Linux cluster in my home directory (not
> as super-user).  I have successfully completed the necessary commands of
> ./configure, make, make install without any errors.  I have also
> downloaded the test netCDF file ( to test the software.  When I type
> ncview in the command line, I encounter this error message:
> =================================================================
> Ncview 1.92e David W. Pierce  13 Aug 2003
> Copyright (C) 1993 through 2003, David W. Pierce
> Ncview comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `ncview -w'.
> This is free software; type `ncview -c' for redistribution details.
> Error: I cannot find the proper app-defaults file, which
> should be named `Ncview'.  I need an app-defaults file
> for ncview version 1.91, but have found version 0.00.
> (Note: a found version of 0.00 means either no
> app-defaults file was found at all, or a pre-version 1.60
> file was found.)
> To fix this, you must put file `Ncview'
> (NOT the executable, which is named `ncview') either in
> your local $XAPPLRESDIR directory, in the global directory
> /usr/local/lib/X11/app-defaults, or add it to your own
> .Xdefaults file.
> ====================================================================
> I have a Ncview-appdefaults file as well as an install-appdef file in my
> ncview1.92e directory.  Do I need do anything with these files?  Do you
> have any suggestions to point me in the right direction?
> I can also send log files if you need them.
> Thanks for the help,
> Patrick Pyle

David W. Pierce        / Climate Research Division
Scripps Inst. Oceanog. / (858) 534-8276 (voice)
dpierce@xxxxxxxx       / (858) 534-8561 (fax)