ncview software


I am installing ncview v1.92e on a Linux cluster in my home directory (not
as super-user).  I have successfully completed the necessary commands of
./configure, make, make install without any errors.  I have also
downloaded the test netCDF file ( to test the software.  When I type
ncview in the command line, I encounter this error message:


Ncview 1.92e David W. Pierce  13 Aug 2003
Copyright (C) 1993 through 2003, David W. Pierce
Ncview comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details type `ncview -w'.
This is free software; type `ncview -c' for redistribution details.

Error: I cannot find the proper app-defaults file, which
should be named `Ncview'.  I need an app-defaults file
for ncview version 1.91, but have found version 0.00.
(Note: a found version of 0.00 means either no
app-defaults file was found at all, or a pre-version 1.60
file was found.)
To fix this, you must put file `Ncview'
(NOT the executable, which is named `ncview') either in
your local $XAPPLRESDIR directory, in the global directory
/usr/local/lib/X11/app-defaults, or add it to your own
.Xdefaults file.

I have a Ncview-appdefaults file as well as an install-appdef file in my
ncview1.92e directory.  Do I need do anything with these files?  Do you
have any suggestions to point me in the right direction?

I can also send log files if you need them.

Thanks for the help,

Patrick Pyle