Re: earth referencing data

> Organization: Battelle / Pacific Northwest Laboratories
> Keywords: 199312062309.AA19793

Hi Marie,

> At PNL we'd also be very interested in hearing about geo-referenced
> data (non-satellite, though) and using netCDF for image storage.

> >The FAQ mentions the document:
> >
> >    Fulker, D. W., "Unidata Strawman for Storing Earth-Referencing Data,"
> >    Seventh International Conference on Interactive Information and
> >    Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology, New
> >    Orleans, La., American Meteorology Society, January 1991.

The referenced paper has now been put on-line, in the "Unidata-related
Here's a URL, in case you have Mosaic to look at it:


As Dave points out:

    The paper is somewhat dated--the ideas in it probably are still
    relevant, but the specific proposals should be viewed as less important
    than the conventions work underway in the NUWG.

The NUWG (NOAA UCAR Working Group on netCDF conventions) is meeting monthly
to try to hammer out some conventions for representing geo-referencing
information for our meteorological netCDF data.  As agreements are reached,
they will be documented in the pub/netcdf/Conventions/NUWG/ directory of, where the documents will be available for anonymous

Russ Rew                     University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
russ@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                         P.O. Box 3000
Unidata Program                        Boulder, Colorado 80307-3000

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