Re: earth referencing data

At PNL we'd also be very interested in hearing about geo-referenced
data (non-satellite, though) and using netCDF for image storage.

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>From: Phil Austin <phil@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Subject: earth referencing data
>To: netcdfgroup@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Date: Wed, 1 Dec 93 10:15:43 PST
>The FAQ mentions the document:
>    Fulker, D. W., "Unidata Strawman for Storing Earth-Referencing Data,"
>    Seventh International Conference on Interactive Information and
>    Processing Systems for Meteorology, Oceanography, and Hydrology, New
>    Orleans, La., American Meteorology Society, January 1991.
>Is this available on-line in any form?  We'd be very interested
>in getting example netcdf files of geo-referenced satellite
>data, and in hearing about pitfalls, etc. using netcdf for
>image storage.
>Thanks, Phil Austin