[netcdf-java] NoSuchMethodError

(Sorry for so many emails lately.)

I installed netcdfAll 5.5.1. It compiles. But when I ran my regression
tests last night, my saveAsGeotiff method failed with

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.nio.ByteBuffer.flip()Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;
 at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeoTiff.writeHeader(GeoTiff.java:250)
 at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeoTiff.writeMetadata(GeoTiff.java:227)
 at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter.writeMetadata(GeotiffWriter.java:261)
 at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter.writeGrid(GeotiffWriter.java:155)
 at ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter.writeGrid(GeotiffWriter.java:101)

When I look in the Java 8 documentation (which I'm still using as it has
Long Term Support), I don't see a flip() method. With 5.5.1, are you
stopping support for Java 8? What version of Java is now recommended?  Or
do you think the error message has some other cause?

(I know I'm old, but I liked it when the compiler could tell me if my code
was basically valid and all the needed components were present. With the
current trends (in other code, too) I need extensive regression tests to
check that everything still works when I update libraries. And even then, I
am much less confident.)
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