[netcdf-java] ArrayString


I´m using netcdfAll version 4.5 (I think that it is actually 4.5.0).  This
is not the latest version.  I cannot use the newer version as I´m also
using Renjin and it has an old version of Guava.  It seems that this is not
the problem, but just in case.

My problem:  I´m trying to create an ArrayString by calling Array.factory
giving it a dtype, a shape and a java string array.  I´m getting back an
ArrayObject and not an ArrayString.  Looking at netcdf code on github I see
that factory calls:

return ArrayObject.factory(classType, indexCalc, (Object[]) storage);

So, it seems that it is actually building an ArrayObject and not an
ArrayString.  In my case, I think I really need an ArrayString.  I was able
to create an ArrayString with a given storage by using what seems to be a
non public interface:

index = Index.factory(int[])
ArrayString.factory(index, <shape>, <storage>)

Can you tell me the risk of doing this?  Did I do something wrong?


Rodrigo Botafogo
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