[netcdf-java] Level II Radar Data null pointer

Hey all,

I am currently going through a small subset of my data (about 15,000 netcdf
files) and transferring Spectrum Width, Reflectivity, and Velocity values
to a database. I am filtering out some of the values by only looking at a
certain range of the pixel_y values. However, only about 13,000 of the
files get successfully transferred because when I try to find the pixel_y
variable, it just returns null on those 2,000 or so missing files. I've
looked at some of the specific files that don't get transferred using the
NetCDF tools.jar interface and when I do an nc dump on pixel_y, the values
are definitely in there. I've attached one of the troublesome files as well
as a bit of Java code that attempts to read the file. Has anybody ran into
this issue or have any ideas? Thanks a lot!

-Mike S

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