[netcdf-java] gribtonc replacement


I have a client who has a number of legacy systems that process grib1 files
using gribtonc. Unfortunately they are being forced to move to grib2 and
the developer is no longer available. I have been attempting the change
using wgrib2, however there is so much code written around the specific
format of the netcdf file produced from gribtonc its quite daunting.

Is there an equivalent gribtonc which will read grib2 files compressed with
jpeg200 or
is it possible for me to run a function within netcdfAll-4.3.jar which can
use a CDL file as a template in the same way gribtonc did?

basically I need a replacement for

gribtonc -v -l- -q "lin,dlat=1.25,dlon=1.25" xxx.cdl xxx.nc < xxx.grib1

which will work on grib2 files.

any help is much appreciated

kind regards
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