Re: [netcdf-java] announce: CDM and TDS stable release 4.3.16


I was intrigued by the following fix: "GeoTiff writing was off by 1/2
grid point."

I'd like to test it but I don't know how. Is there a way to convert
NetCDF into GeoTiff via command line something like below?

%java -Xmx1g -classpath ./netcdfAll-4.3.jar
ucar.nc2.dataset.GeoTiffWriter -in -out b.tif


HDF: Software that Powers Science

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 4:09 PM, John Caron <caron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The Netcdf-Java library and TDS stable release 4.3.16 is now ready.
> We recommended that everyone upgrade ASAP:
> This is mostly a bug fix version, with some new features:
>   NcML: attribute <values> was never implemented
>   Bug fixes for Stereographic Azimuthal Projection (Heiko)
>   HDF-EOS improvements, add CoordSysBuilder for Modis
>   Add Sinusoidal projection
>   FileWriter2 was barfing on string variables
>   CoordSysBuilder: comma separated Convention names didnt work
>   RotatedLatLon Projection had inverse projection wrong
>   BUFR: fixed bugs for IASI sattelite, NCEP embedded tables; name structs 
> when possible
>   Vertical transforms: check units; add method to calculate at one point
>   CF point: Allow GeoZ vertical coordinates (not just pressure and height)
>   NcML remote aggregation (eg opendap datasets in the aggregation) was broken.
>   DiskCache2 not checking if directory exists
>   GeoTiff writing was off by 1/2 grid point
>   Nexrad level 2 format AR2V0007
>   In file object caches: check lastModified, eject if changed; stop using 
> sync()
>   opendap server: fix bugs
>   ncss:
>     fix bugs
>     adds variables in formula terms attribute to the grid output files
>     actual vertical levels for grid as point responses on datasets with CDM 
> supported vertical transformations
>     grid previews
>   cdmrFeature: fix bugs
>   Grib FeatureCollections:
>     Allow customized names for Latest and Best datasets
>     Allow lexigraphical sorting of datasets under Files collection.
>     Grib1 TimePartition :  fix bugs
> Library upgrades
>   ehcache 2.6.2
>   visad 2.0-20130124
> build
>   release uses maven build
>   add gradle builds for special artifacts
>   remove ant builds
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