[netcdf-java] announce: CDM and TDS stable release 4.3.16

The Netcdf-Java library and TDS stable release 4.3.16 is now ready. 

We recommended that everyone upgrade ASAP:


This is mostly a bug fix version, with some new features:

  NcML: attribute <values> was never implemented
  Bug fixes for Stereographic Azimuthal Projection (Heiko)
  HDF-EOS improvements, add CoordSysBuilder for Modis
  Add Sinusoidal projection
  FileWriter2 was barfing on string variables
  CoordSysBuilder: comma separated Convention names didnt work
  RotatedLatLon Projection had inverse projection wrong
  BUFR: fixed bugs for IASI sattelite, NCEP embedded tables; name structs when 
  Vertical transforms: check units; add method to calculate at one point
  CF point: Allow GeoZ vertical coordinates (not just pressure and height)
  NcML remote aggregation (eg opendap datasets in the aggregation) was broken.
  DiskCache2 not checking if directory exists
  GeoTiff writing was off by 1/2 grid point
  Nexrad level 2 format AR2V0007

  In file object caches: check lastModified, eject if changed; stop using sync()
  opendap server: fix bugs
    fix bugs
    adds variables in formula terms attribute to the grid output files
    actual vertical levels for grid as point responses on datasets with CDM 
supported vertical transformations
    grid previews
  cdmrFeature: fix bugs
  Grib FeatureCollections: 
    Allow customized names for Latest and Best datasets
    Allow lexigraphical sorting of datasets under Files collection. 
    Grib1 TimePartition :  fix bugs

Library upgrades
  ehcache 2.6.2
  visad 2.0-20130124

  release uses maven build
  add gradle builds for special artifacts
  remove ant builds

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