Re: [netcdf-java] [thredds] GRIB variable name changes in 4.3

Hi all,

[Sorry for cross-posting. If you are interested in this topic, please
see below for where we are trying to move this conversation. Thanks.]

On 3/1/2012 6:31 AM, Don Murray wrote:
> On 2/29/12 1:27 PM, John Caron wrote:
>> PPS: We are going to move this discussion to a new list or something, to
>> minimize the spam.
> Isn't it best to get input from all the users?

Yes, we definitely want to get input from all the users we can. However,
this conversation is already across four email lists and I'd like to
invite input from a few other email lists.

To minimize cross-posting, I've created a netcdf-java Google Group and
started a "GRIB variable name changes in CDM/TDS 4.3" discussion topic
and would like to encourage the conversation to move there:

The first three posts are my attempt at a brief summary of the
conversation up to now. I will post summaries to the various email lists
as the discussion moves forward.



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