Re: [netcdf-java] [thredds] GRIB variable name changes in 4.3

Hi Glenn-

On 2/28/12 11:43 AM, Glenn Rutledge wrote:
John and Community-
While I do not represent the NCDC Archive, for the NCDC NOMADS systems
and our users, I must agree that the changes John is proposing will
facilitate the long term use of grib data.  While painful to (existing)
client (software | decoders), the proposed change will allow our users
(with a more scalable way) to -better find and use our data.  I'll
suggest that if this is adopted, NOMADS servers could provide both 4.2
and 4.3 versions to (give software developers time to adapt) allow the
client-side to adapt.

Could you elaborate on how you see that the new variable names will allow the users to better find and use your data versus the human readable names? For example, if I want to get the 500 hPa heights from a model in your archive, how will the new names facilitate that?

Don Murray

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