Re: [netcdf-java] Announcing new tools for THREDDS and CDM collaborative development


On 11/22/11 4:37 PM, John Caron wrote:
Meanwhile, we have a pre-alpha version of the development branch of
Netcdf-Java, version 4.3.2 now released as jar files from the usual place:

We would appreciate if you are able to use this version in any
non-production setting and can give us feedback. In particular, we would
like to debug GRIB handling and GRIB table use.

New Features in 4.3:

* Complete rewrite of the GRIB-1 and GRIB-2 libraries, including table use.

How will this affect the way people are currently using the tables? Will the format change? Is the API the same, or will tool developers have to change their code? Several IDV users make use of the facility that has been used in previous versions.

* Arbitrary collections of GRIB files can be combined into a single
logical dataset.

Is there documentation on how to do this?

Have you implemented subsetting across the grid boundary for global grids in 4.3 (e.g. Africa or Europe subsets) in the GeoGrid class? If not, is there anyone in the community who has implemented a way of doing this who would be willing to share their code?


Don Murray

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