[netcdf-java] Announcing new tools for THREDDS and CDM collaborative development

As part of Unidata's ongoing commitment towards making our software community driven, and to make collaborative development easier and more transparent, we have moved the THREDDS/CDM source repository, starting with version 4.3, to Github:


(see http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/software/netcdf-java/reference/Git.html for more information on downloading and building from source).

Our issue tracking system is now public at:


We also have maven builds for CDM and are looking into providing maven builds for the TDS, as well as updating to maven central. We will also shortly announce new ways to give feedback and ask questions, and other things to foster open development.

Let us know if these changes are useful or not, plus any other ideas you have!

Meanwhile, we have a pre-alpha version of the development branch of Netcdf-Java, version 4.3.2 now released as jar files from the usual place:


We would appreciate if you are able to use this version in any non-production setting and can give us feedback. In particular, we would like to debug GRIB handling and GRIB table use.

New Features in 4.3:

* Complete rewrite of the GRIB-1 and GRIB-2 libraries, including table use. * Arbitrary collections of GRIB files can be combined into a single logical dataset. * Support for non-standard calendars and time coordinates using the joda-time library
  * Support for client side certificates in OPeNDAP
  * Improvements on projection handling
  * Modules have been refactored to remove circular dependencies

 * FMRC not quite ready for use in 4.3

John, Ethan, and Dennis

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