[netcdf-java] bug report on netCDF java

Hi John (Caron),

We have a problem using Panoply to access the following data via TDS/opendap


And I also find

NetCDF-Java ToolsUI (webstart) also failed...

Testing on Ferret and GrADD all worked fine.

Robert Schmunk (Panoply developer at GISS/NASA) has this to say

"In trying to get a better grip on what might be the problem in the Java libraries, I have found that the Apache httpclient library that ships in the netCDF-Java distribution is rather old, version 3.1 rather than the current 4.1.1. Some of the referenced classes, in fact entire packages, seem to have been refactored and renamed. For example, it looks like what used to be "org.apache.commons.httpclient"
is now various subpackages of "org.apache.http.*".

This likely explains why Unidata have indicated that they are re-factoring the portion of their code which involves HTTP connections, and why it is taking longer
than expected for a fix to just the one authentication bug that I reported.

I'm trying to poke around in the source code for httpclient 3.1 to see if I can figure out why the "server failed to respond" error message is being reported. I'm not sure about it yet, but it's possible that it is getting a response but when it's trying to read and parse from an InputStream, it's somehow reading 0
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