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I haven't tried to write files from Matlab using NetCDF Java, but here
is an example of a Matlab using some of the higher level functionality
within NetCDF-Java to access and plot an isosurface from a 3D
dimensionless vertical coordinate ocean model:

If you follow the instructions carefully at the top of the m-file to
download the .jar file and edit the classpath, it should just work for
you, as it accesses the model data via OpenDAP, which is supported by

Let me know if it doesn't work.


On 7/9/07, Roger GALLOU (AGO) <roger.gallou@xxxxxx> wrote:

I hope I'm on the good users list.
I'm working  with Matlab R2006b on Windows. I 'm intesresting by the
NetCDF Java package to access to data files for read and write.
I've found some examples, I try on Matlab, in the document : NetCDF Java
Users' Manuel (page 33-34).

I need some help to call some classes of the librairy nc2.2.jar,
particulary for writing files :
all the classes type ArrayInt (Double, ...) for dimensions D1, D2, D3 ...

I success to manage dimension, attribut, but I don't manage to create a
array of data for any dimension I know.
In Matlab, the instruction :
ucar.ma2.ArrayInt.D3(2, latDim.getLength(), lonDim.getLength()) answers
that the method D3 doesn't exist.
I can't call with the "$" character as it is declared in the package
(ex : ArrayInt$D1).

Is there anybody who have encounter this king of problem ? If yes, could
he/she bring me some help ?
In extension, if anybody has some informations for writing NetCDF files
with Java librairies in Matlab, I'm interesting.

Thanks by advance.

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