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I hope I'm on the good users list.
I'm working with Matlab R2006b on Windows. I 'm intesresting by the NetCDF Java package to access to data files for read and write. I've found some examples, I try on Matlab, in the document : NetCDF Java Users' Manuel (page 33-34).

I need some help to call some classes of the librairy nc2.2.jar, particulary for writing files :
all the classes type ArrayInt (Double, ...) for dimensions D1, D2, D3 ...

I success to manage dimension, attribut, but I don't manage to create a array of data for any dimension I know.
In Matlab, the instruction :
ucar.ma2.ArrayInt.D3(2, latDim.getLength(), lonDim.getLength()) answers that the method D3 doesn't exist. I can't call with the "$" character as it is declared in the package ucar.ma2.
(ex : ArrayInt$D1).

Is there anybody who have encounter this king of problem ? If yes, could he/she bring me some help ? In extension, if anybody has some informations for writing NetCDF files with Java librairies in Matlab, I'm interesting.

Thanks by advance.

02 98 05 43 21 (FRANCE)

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