[Fwd: 2007 Unidata Training Workshop reminder]

There's still time to register for our summer Training Workshop, don't miss out!

The 2007 Unidata Training Workshop features our display and analysis packages McIDAS, GEMPAK, and the IDV, data access and management tools, the Local Data Manager (LDM), the Network Common Data Form (netCDF) and netCDF-JAVA, and the THREDDS software for cataloging, browsing, and accessing remote data and metadata.

Unidata’s training workshops are developed and presented by the software developers and support staff for each package, so you can be sure to have your questions answered.

*Dates:* The workshop runs from July 20 - August 10, 2007 with various individual sessions within that time frame. *Location and Facilities:* The first session on July 20 will be held at the UCAR Center Green Campus and all of the other sessions will be held at the Unidata Program Center, both of which are in Boulder, Colorado.
*Registration:* The cost to attend the workshop is $50 per session.

For more details on the workshop or to register, please visit our web page:

We look forward to seeing you this summer in Boulder!

Terry Mitchell
UCAR - Unidata
(303) 497-8659

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