Re: status of nj22 WRT netCDF-4

Hi Simon, sorry that I havent been clear enough:

 nj22 implements the CDM data access layer
 the CDM data access layer is the same as the NetCDF-4 data model

Not true (yet):
nj22 implements NetCDF-4 Details:
When the NetCDF-4 file format is finalized (waiting on HDF5-1.8), then nj22 
will be able to read NetCDF-4. It will not immediately be able to write, and 
depending on how complicated things are (HDF5 is pretty complicated, esp 
compared to netcdf-3), it may end up only only writing a subset of netcdf-4. I 
would guess eventually it will write the whole thing, but that will depend on 
funding. There has never been an independent  library that writes (or reads) 
HDF5, so we are wary of promising what hasnt been done before. We have 
prototyped HDF5 reading enough to know we can do that.


Simon Wood wrote:

I'm trying to clarify the functionality of the latest release of nj22 (eg nj-2.2.17) WRT netCDF-4.

According to some of the CDM docs I've seen (eg, slide 39) nj22 implements the CDM data access layer (ie netCDF-4) 'to beta quality' but is awaiting HDF5-1.8. I assumed this to mean both reading *and* writing, yet on the the nj22 web page ( it seems to be suggested that only reading of netCDF-4 files is supported with writing being restricted to netCDF-3. Which is correct? Or have I missed something here?


Simon Wood

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