status of nj22 WRT netCDF-4


I'm trying to clarify the functionality of the latest release of nj22 (eg nj-2.2.17) WRT netCDF-4.

According to some of the CDM docs I've seen (eg, slide 39) nj22 implements the CDM data access layer (ie netCDF-4) 'to beta quality' but is awaiting HDF5-1.8. I assumed this to mean both reading *and* writing, yet on the the nj22 web page ( it seems to be suggested that only reading of netCDF-4 files is supported with writing being restricted to netCDF-3. Which is correct? Or have I missed something here?


Simon Wood

Simon Wood
Scientific Programmer
Meteorology & Remote Sensing
National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)
Wellington, New Zealand

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