Re: TIEGCM history files


John Caron wrote:
Hi Ben:

The "Grid variables" are viewable in the IDV. To my eye those look like all the useful ones.
You should add the "CF-1.0" Convention attribute if you plan to use CF.
Don will have to comment on the mmr unit.

The IDV can only display the 2D variables because it doesn't
understand the vertical dimension (lev, ilev).  The netCDF
Java library will have to be modified to understand the
"alternate_units" and parse the equation on the fly if this
is to work in the IDV.  Is that CF compliant?

The ucar.units package apparently interprets mmr as
milli-milli-circle, not what you are expecting.  The VisAD
unit package (which IDV uses) does not understand mmr, so
it will be null units when it displays in the IDV.

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