Re: TIEGCM history files

Hi Ben:

The "Grid variables" are viewable in the IDV. To my eye those look like all the 
useful ones.
You should add the "CF-1.0" Convention attribute if you plan to use CF.
Don will have to comment on the mmr unit.

Ben Foster wrote:

Were you able to read the files in

with IDV?  The cdmValidate that John mentioned in CF mail this
morning had this to say: No CoordSysBuilder found - using default (GDV). No 'Convention' global attribute. Coordinate Axis LBC does not have an assigned AxisType

I was surprised that it said "mmr" are valid udunits, but I seem
to recall that mmr in udunits is something different than "mass mixing
ratio", which is our unit.  I hope that doesnt confuse IDV. As I said
before, I don't like using "fraction" or "1" as units, and I don't really care if IDV can't do unit conversions on all our fields. But I would
like to install IDV at hao, and use it to view these model history files
if at all possible...


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Hi Don and John:

As a follow-up to our meeting re TIEGCM netcdf history files last
September (can't believe its been that long), please take a look in:

The * file is a "primary" history, usually used to restart
the model. The * file is a "secondary" history, with selected
fields for diagnostics. There are also ncdumps of each file, with coord
arrays, etc.

The vertical coordinate arrays lev and ilev are the unitless
"atmosphere_log_pressure_coordinate", as we discussed. If these look
ok, we will propose them to the CF standard.

Could you please try to read these files with IDV, especially the secondary
file -- it has hourly data for a day. I know all the units are not
ldunits compliant, e.g., the density fields have "mmr" units -- I feel
that mmr (mass mixing ratio) is more descriptive than "1" or "fraction".
I assume this means that IDV would not be able to do unit conversion on
these fields, but I don't care -- if I need to look at those fields
in different units, I can use our own processors -- but it would be
really nice if we could begin using IDV, since it does so much that our
processors cannot do...once its working, we would like to install it at hao.

Thanks for your time,


Ben Foster                      High Altitude Observatory (HAO)
foster@xxxxxxxx phone: 303-497-1595 fax: 303-497-1589 Nat. Center for Atmos. Res. P.O. Box 3000 Boulder CO 80307 USA

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