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Hi Kris,

John is in a meeting all day so I'll try to answer. As I recall, ucar.nc2.IOServiceProvider is the only interface that needs to be implemented. Then, before reading a file with your IOSP, you need to call NetcdfFile.registerIOProvider( ...) so your IOSP will be used.

There is a lot of variable and attribute creation involved in the open() method and you should think a bit about how to map your data into the netCDF model and existing conventions. (If you are new to netCDF, and even if you aren't, a good resource for this is the netCDF Best Practices document, The actual data requests are handled in readData(). John might have some suggestions for helper classes for subsetting. For getting started with subsetting, Array.section() is a good brute force method.

There are lots of examples of IOSP implementations in ucar.nc2.iosp and of course ucar.nc2.N3iosp.

Hope this helps,


Kris Nuttycombe wrote:

Hi, John,

Over here at NGDC we are getting ready to start writing a number of
readers for legacy file formats to work with the IO service provider
framework. Can you point me toward the best place to start (i.e., what
interfaces need to be implemented) to allow us to plug in to your framework?


Kris Nuttycombe

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