Re: Questions

Michael Tiller wrote:
John Caron wrote:

I would reccomend to always make dimensions shared, the only possible
exception is for char[] lengths.

The reason its there is to support other file formats that often dont
share dimension, eg HDF.

So use:

public Dimension addDimension(String dimName, int length);

unless its the unlimited dimension, in which case you need the other one.

Not to nitpick, but the example in the User's guide uses
addDimension(String dimName, int length) where length=-1 to indicate an
unlimited dimension.  This seems perfectly natural to me (i.e. an
unlimited dimension having an exceptional value to indicate its
unlimited nature).  But your statements here + my experience indicates
that the user's guide is wrong (which would be a shame since I like the
user's guide approach).

Am I missing something?

user guide is very old, it will get rewritten Real Soon Now.


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