Re: GeoTIFF max/min values

Steve Ansari wrote:

Hi John,
I did have one other question...

I've been exporting GeoTIFFs from NetCDF files using the ucar.nc2.geotiff.GeotiffWriter class. When I load the images in ESRI ArcMap the default max and min values are incorrect. Ex)
High : 3.40282e+038
Low : 1.17549e-038

Is the output file greyscale? Otherwise the min and max value should be stored in these two tags: Tag.SMinSampleValue and Tag.SMaxSampleValue. Let me know how do you get these High and Low values, and what are the values of above two tags.


The actual data values are ok and the image is correctly geolocated. It seems that there may be max/min header or tag information that may be missing.