Re: my test NetCDF file (CF metadata)

Ramesh_S_Mantri wrote:

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 07:51 am, John Caron wrote:
ok, i didnt notice the file you already sent.

change to this:

  float FieldData(y, x);
    FieldData:long_name = "2 Meter Temperature";
    FieldData:units = "Kelvin";
    FieldData:coordinates = "lat lon";
    FieldData:grid_mapping = "Lambert";
  float Lambert;
    Lambert:long_name = "Lambert";
    Lambert:grid_mapping_name = "lambert_conformal_conic";
    Lambert:longitude_of_central_meridian = 234.206;
    Lambert:standard_parallel = 60.0, 30.0;

i would also remove "unused" dimension if possible , just for clarity.

non-standard coordinate variable are identified by the "coordinates"

  thanks. That helped. I have one more question pertaining to this
same topic.

I have been able to view most of info pertaining to metadata. The tool
also identified lat-lon to be Coordinate Variables etc.
I have not been able to view something important, however.
It is the proper spatial association of data values.

We have the following variables:
lat(x, y), lon(x, y) and data(x, y)

How does one verify that data(i, j) is associated with lat(i, j) and lon(i, j)? Any sort of verification tool would be helpful.

With that I'll be able to move on to other tasks. Thanks.

P.S: I couldn't find a way to declare static variables using the API and get
     rid of unused dimension.
The file i looked at has the x,y variables with dummy values. These should be the values in km of the coordinate on the projection plane.

for a scalar, use an empty dimension array

Dimension[] dims = new Dimension[];

instead of

Dimension[] dims = new Dimension[] {unusedDim};