Re: my test NetCDF file (CF metadata)

mantri@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Use the netcdf toolsUI at

bring the file into the "CoordSys" tab and see if it recognizes the
coord system. you can click on the Info icon to get more details. Do the
same in the "Grid" tab.

John (and support folks),
  I used the above tool on my test NetCDF file (generated by the
code I forwarded to you). The results weren't encouraging. The tool
could not recognize any Coordinate Variables and as a result - I
hope - could not identify any gridded fields.

I will try and see how might be able to fix this problem when I get
to my office tomorrow.

I would appreciate any hints regarding where I might have gone wrong.
That would save me some time. Thanks in advance.

One other question - how does your tool identify a Coordinate Variable?
In a situation such as this lat(lat), lon(lon) etc are not possible,
since lat and lon are 2D variables. How does one specify a coordinate
variable? I am afraid I am missing something here. I would appreciate
if you would clarify this for me. Thanks.

ok, i didnt notice the file you already sent.

change to this:

  float FieldData(y, x);
    FieldData:long_name = "2 Meter Temperature";
    FieldData:units = "Kelvin";
    FieldData:coordinates = "lat lon";
    FieldData:grid_mapping = "Lambert";
  float Lambert;
    Lambert:long_name = "Lambert";
    Lambert:grid_mapping_name = "lambert_conformal_conic";
    Lambert:longitude_of_central_meridian = 234.206;
    Lambert:standard_parallel = 60.0, 30.0;

i would also remove "unused" dimension if possible , just for clarity.

non-standard coordinate variable are identified by the "coordinates" attribute